Since we opened rickety ramshackle in the Summer of 2012, we have grown hugely, developed some new areas, like our vintage vinyl section, and ended some lines, such as the funky ladies clothes we used to carry.

The passion we have for our bricks and mortar store, means that's where all our energy and focus goes.  Consequently, we have, so far, been unable to develop this web site.

HOWEVER, we WILL be making changes here over the coming months, so, if you can't drop by to see us at our store, please drop by here again soon...

Customer Comments:
"Amazing shop... Truly AMAZING shop!" ... "Rickety Ramshackle is the coolest shop in Aberystwyth" ... "I always feel so happy when I'm in here!" ... "You've got a lovely shop... It's gorgeous." ... "Doesn't it make you feel like being a kid all over again, being in here?!" ... "I always feel so happy when I'm in here!" ... "I wish I was rich, but I wouldn't be rich for very long 'cause I'd buy EVERYTHING in your shop!" ... "There are too many cool things in here!" ... "Awesome shop!" ... "I LOVE this shop - it's AMAZING!" ... "There's no place like this in Aberystwyth - This is beautiful!" ... "This is by far my favourite shop in Aberystwyth" ... "I'm shocked at how cool this place is"